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"It was very enlightening and beneficial for me and our organisation.”

"I thought PA:FO was an excellent event and greatly enjoyed it. Please keep me informed of future events."

"Allow me to complement your organization for the excellently executed PAFO 4 in Cape Town"

“A fantastic event”

“Provided an overview of the progress, next steps and challenges of the ongoing Power Sector Reform."

“An engaging, thought-provoking, ideas generating, business networking summit of international standards.”


“Timely and very relevant to the ongoing power and gas sector reforms.”

“A very good avenue to meet people directly involved in transforming the power sector.”

“A good enabling environment for understanding the opportunities and challenges in investing into the Nigerian Power Sector.”

“It created a platform for investors to understand the power sector better.”

“Investors in all the power value chains attended.”

“Good insight in the future and progress of Nigeria's power market”

“Great occasion to meet and discuss with all key stakeholders in Nigeria's power sector”

“The event was entertaining, interactive and educative. It offered the opportunity to meet other stakeholders in the industry.”

“The event attracted the relevant professionals and government officials from Nigeria’s Electricity Supply Industry. It was well organized and very much a success.” 

“EnergyNet does a very good job of bringing the right industry players together and they have gained credibility for this. Their events are great for networking.”

 "Very, very good! Simple as that!" 

"We love the EnergyNet staff and the networking opportunities. Fabulous organisation!"

“We consider AEF a privileged forum for business and raising investment for the African Energy Sector”

“This is a most opportune time to discuss strategies and way forward for the Nigerian Power sector with the huge potential for growth... a c-suite action group such as PA:CO is hugely important for all stakeholders to participate in.”

“Nigeria has huge water resources potential estimated at 263.7 billion cubic metres (both surface and ground water) enough to meet the domestic, industrial and agricultural need of the country that will contribute to the rapid transformation of the economy. The Federal Ministry of Water Resource has the statutory responsibility to harness the water resources potential of the country for national development”

"Thank you for organising such a great event. The number of people attending showed how much interest there was in this. An amazing band also"

“In Nigeria, needs are urgent, hence promotion of hydropower development that is environmentally friendly and socially responsible is of prime priority. Join us at PA:HO for the exchange of knowledge, projects and partnerships for developing Nigeria’s hydro-power potential.”

“In regard to EnergyNet, your organisation was superb, and I mean the people working on it. The professionalism of your team and attention to the people at the conference was five star and I thank you for that.”

“Normally I walk away from a large conference with 4 or 5 new contacts.
With these meetings I have made contact with almost everybody.”

“I am happy to support PA:FO. It is always very successful and definitely the one I prefer above all the others.”